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I write about iOS development mainly.




  • https://stackoverflow.com/story/moathothman
  • https://stackoverflow.com/cv/moathothman


FAYEZ apple.co/2pQ94uY

  •  Allows Warba bank customers to track their steps and gain discounts and prizes and to ask for Bank services.
  •  Technologies Used: Swift, MVP, RxSwift, IoC container, HealthKit, Firebase for real time tracking, Fabric, Push notifications.

Porsche Kuwait apple.co/2Gi2U19

  •  Allow users to browse set of new and pre-owned Porsche Cars in Kuwait, and other services like rent, test drive, and more .
  • Technologies Used: Swift, MVP, RxSwift, RxCocoa, Snapkit, Swinject.

PuzzPic apple.co/2cqiKrS   

  • Created an iOS social game to share and solve scrambled images, building the app, backend, and design.
  • Technologies Used: SSL, NGINX, parse dashboard, cloud code, push notifications, AutoLayout, CoreData, Swift,Customized camera handler, Parse SDK, Universal links, iAP, Mopub, fabric.

The Avenues apple.co/1HU3WHr   

  • An app to allow mall visitors to navigate and locate stores inside the mall, as well as to find information              about the stores and the available offers and events.
  • Re-built the iOS app , and responsible for maintaining and upgrading the app since 2013.
  • Technologies Used:  Objective-c and Swift, CoreData, VisioGlobe SDK (3d map), Universal , Auto Layout,     iBeacons, push notifications, fabric.

Sakan apple.co/2hmbGi7

  • An app to allow users to search for properties to rent and buy in Kuwait.
  • Technologies Used:  Swift 3, Networking, Realm.

Mini Keyboardmicroapps.webs.com

  • Let users use their iPhone’s keyboard as a replacement of a Mac Keyboard on the same network.
  • Built and iOS app and a Mac OS X app (menu app).
  • Technologies Used: Objective-c, Bonjour SDK, Networking.

Zain Eventsapple.co/2cdvWfi     

  • Let events attendees participates in sessions, surveys , voting, and other activities.
  • Technologies Used: Objective-c, Networking, CoreData, Push Notifications.