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FAYEZ apple.co/2pQ94uY

  • An app for Warba bank to encourage its users to engage in healthy activities and motivate them by offering discounts and prizes.
  • Articulated and contributed heavily in building the app and maintain it.
  •  Technologies Used: Swift, MVP, RxSwift, IoC container, HealthKit, Firebase for real time tracking, Fabric, Push notifications.

Porsche Kuwait apple.co/2Gi2U19

  •  Allow users to browse set of new and pre-owned Porsche Cars in Kuwait, and other services like rent, test drive, and more.
  • Contributed heavily in building and maintaining the app.
  • Technologies Used: Swift, MVP, RxSwift, RxCocoa, Snapkit, Swinject.

PuzzPic apple.co/2cqiKrS   

  • Created an iOS social game to share and solve scrambled images, building the app, backend, and design.
  • Technologies Used: SSL, NGINX, parse dashboard, cloud code, push notifications, AutoLayout, CoreData, Swift,Customized camera handler, Parse SDK, Universal links, iAP, Mopub, fabric.

The Avenues apple.co/1HU3WHr   

  • An app to allow mall visitors to navigate and locate stores inside the mall, as well as to find information              about the stores and the available offers and events.
  • Re-built the iOS app , and responsible for maintaining and upgrading the app since 2013.
  • Technologies Used:  Objective-c and Swift, CoreData, VisioGlobe SDK (3d map), Universal , Auto Layout,     iBeacons, push notifications, fabric.

Sakan apple.co/2hmbGi7

  • An app to allow users to search for properties to rent and buy in Kuwait.
  • Technologies Used:  Swift 3, Networking, Realm.

Mini Keyboardmicroapps.webs.com

  • Let users use their iPhone’s keyboard as a replacement of a Mac Keyboard on the same network.
  • Built and iOS app and a Mac OS X app (menu app).
  • Technologies Used: Objective-c, Bonjour SDK, Networking.

Toters http://bit.ly/totersapp

  • An awesome food/grocery delivery app in lebanon.
  • Worked with great team to deliver a hight quality product, focused on performance, memory management, worked in the checkout process, profiles an other parts of the app.
  • Technologies Used: Swift, TestFlight,

Petsmarket http://bit.ly/petsmarketapp

  • A convenient and easy app to buy and sell your pets and accessories online.
  • Built the iOS app from ground up.
  • Technologies Used: Swift, fastlane, TestFlight, e-commerce, marketplace, MVP, RxSwift, RxCocoa.

Kuwait motor town http://bit.ly/kmtapp

  • Contributed in making and maintaining KMT iOS app. Incorporated the use mock server to accelerate development. Incorporate the use of CI server to accelerate and facilitate deployments.
  • Technologies Used: Swift, Mock server, CI, fastlane, TestFlight, VisioMove 3d map

Zain Events apple.co/2cdvWfi     

  • Let events attendees participates in sessions, surveys , voting, and other activities.
  • Technologies Used: Objective-c, Networking, CoreData, Push Notifications.


iOS Developer Nanodegree Jan 2016 Udacity

Software Processes and Agile Practices March 2016 University of Alberta on Coursera

React native online Oct 2019 Cambridge, Massachusetts.

CS50’s Mobile app development with react native online. Link: http://bit.ly/reactnativeCertificate