Lesson Learnt : UItableView Header always appearing

This is just something I faced tonight

I have a UITableView with PLAIN Style

in the dataSource the sectionNumbers is “1” I swear !!

when I run it into simluator the tableView is shifted down by some 20 pixils !!

The first thing came to my mind is to go and check it on the Interface builder
and from the ‘Size inspector” there is a property called ‘section height ‘ which set by default to ’22’
So yay I just need to change it to 0 and thats it, and thats what I did :
I typed 0 in the field and pressed a BIG Enter problem SOLVED 😀 .. but wait !!!
its not set to 0 !!, instead its 1 …tried again , maybe i just missed the zero the first time !!
but it insists to not to leave the ‘1’ , well ‘I said’ nobody cares about the extra pixil down .
ran it and everything looks OK … or better at least …
my freacking “consciousness” kept tingling me :/ ‘ I need to fix it ,and whyyyyy this happens’

So I took a look at the code and I found that this class is a subclass of another that handle the tableView Delegate ( srsly don’t do alot of subclassing , things may become messy )
SOO I found this code somewhere

-(UIView *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView viewForHeaderInSection:(NSInteger)section{
    UIView *header = [[UIView alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, self.view.frame.size.width, 0)];
    return  header;

mmmmm looks I was trying to add some section header but then I didn’t, but wait !!
ok there is a bad non necessary method here but the ‘height’ is zero and there is no really a header …
although am getting the 22 height empty header on screen !!

srsly I dunno , but deleting this method removed the 1 pixil header … 🙂

OK OK I went to the ducomentation and I read this ( again ‘consciousness’)
This method only works correctly when tableView:heightForHeaderInSection: is also implemented.”
only !! 
so looks if we implemented the ‘viewForHeaderInSection’ no matter what object it returns the ‘section Height’ will be set to 22 as a default value .. unless we implement the  ‘tableView:heightForHeaderInSection: ‘ method WHICH I did not …
but why in the size inpector I couldn’t set it to 0 !!! .. 

Well, I guess it will remain as a mystery .. one little mystery for tonight.. 🙂

P.S. for some reason there is no spelling checker and yeah there will be speeling errorss

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